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#1 Wed 30th May 2018 21:39:48

J Woodford
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Engine Battery on EMRA

At the start of the season I managed to dislocate the propellor shaft out of the coupling, which connects with the gear box..It looked like the key had fallen out of the shaft, and the internal lock nut, which locks it in to the coupling had come undone...Figured that out by noticing the engine was turning, but the shaft as observed from rear cabin was stationary..It required the boat to be dry docked, the packing gland to be loosened, the coupling taken off by the 4 x 9/16'' retaining bolts, the shaft pushed back into the housing, lock nut sealed onto end of prop shaft, and all put back...There was one small complication, the engine battery  was located directly above the gear box, coupling, and end of prop shaft...I have often thought it is not a good position for engine battery...It had to come out  to work on coupling,, and have now relocated it in starboard locker, with domestic battery..have any other SEADOG OWNERS experienced this problem.?..Coupling is now fixed, but will have to re wire the starter motor circuit, as the previous heavy duty battery cables are now too short to reach the locker....Any suggestions on that one...The wiring on EMRA is just a complete puzzle, as over the years, additions have been made to both starter motor circuit and domestic circuit...and nobody has bothered over 40 years to make up to date circuit diagrams..


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