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#1 Thu 05th Jan 2017 17:59:17

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Steering Upgrade

Peter Jagodzinski has upgraded DOGMATIC's steering to include a Raymarine Power Ram System. The March edition of Practical Boat Owner is running an  article of Peter's on how he did it.


#2 Thu 02nd Feb 2017 00:20:42

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Re: Steering Upgrade

Hello John.   Thanks for the info. about the steering.   Dogmatic has a number of mods. I have seen. Its all very interesting. Martin. Kittijay. I must get down to finishing that account of one of our trips. Sorry to not have done it before.


#3 Wed 05th Jul 2017 00:10:33

Marcus Hember
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Re: Steering Upgrade

Hi All,

Thanks to Peter's excellent article and with the help of Mylor in Falmouth Black Dog now has a similar Raymarine power ram steering system.  It works very well indeed, although Mylor had to come back and re-work some of the fitting.  Black Dog now in Bristol and will be in Plymouth from August if anyone wants to have a look - although I think Peter's installation in DOGMATIC is probably neater.

Next project is to move the log (a NASA clipper badly fitted on the pedestal) and extract NMEA speed information from the log and integrate, alongside (probably) a Clipper Battery Management  device. 

Time for a summer of sea trials!

Marcus Hember
Black Dog SD41


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