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#1 Mon 17th Oct 2016 22:42:06

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Wood or Coal burning Stoves

Does anyone know if a Seadog has been fitted with a wood or coal burning stove?  I'm sure I have heard of one, but can't remember where or when.
Reason for asking is we have a prospective owner in the USA who has asked the question.


#2 Thu 02nd Feb 2017 00:13:41

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Re: Wood or Coal burning Stoves

Hello John.  By some miracle I have entered my password right and got on the forum.   Its probably far too late but I have a small woodburner on the port frrwd bulkhead in the saloon.  It is a Dickinson Newport. made in Canada. I ordered it with all the chimney parts and Greg Dalton a local shipwright put it in for me. It warms the cabin quickly but being small, needs feeding quite frequently.    All the best.  Martin. Kittijay.


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