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#1 Sat 21st May 2016 10:15:24

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Hardtop "Wheelhouse"

Has anyone seen, or heard of, a Seadog with a fixed or removeable hardtop "wheelhouse" in place of the original folding cockpit cover?  If so I should be grateful for any information you may have about it.

Regards,  John Lansdell.


#2 Wed 24th Aug 2016 22:22:04

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Re: Hardtop "Wheelhouse"

Hi John
Angus from Stardog is in the process of laying up the fibre glass on the mould for his new solid wheel house at the moment (August 2016). I have already broached the subject of possibly hiring/borrowing the mould to make my own fixed wheelhouse. He sounded as though he would if he is able to remove the fibreglass from the wooden mould without damaging the wood. Watch this space. Michael


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