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With Engine Out Jobs! An owner asked what jobs were possible!

Remove, inspect and clean fuel tanks.  Check condition of the lower retaining bar.  Mine only had two No 8 brass screws holding the tank in place!

Thorough clean and paint.

Remove original soundproofing from bulkheads and replace with modern material.

While crouching in one half of the engine space check that the lip of the moulding round the edge of the access touches the hatch over the other half evenly all round.  On mine there was a variation of half an inch.  After "adjustment" fit new rubber lip seals.  At the same time check that the hold down bolts can properly engage.  This all reduces noise in the cockpit.

Check the 3 seacocks plus associated pipes, and realign the galley sink drain to connect with the fwd cockpit drain by a right angle bend immediately below the sink.  This makes access to the cupboard space easier.

Check the condition of the anti syphon outlet pipe and gas locker drain pipe.

Rerun fuel lines and reposition the water trap if necessary.

Extend fuel tank drain lines to the space behind the saloon access steps.  This saves doing gymnastics to check for water.

Reprofile bilge to be 4 inches higher at fwd end leaving 10 inch puddle aft for bilge pumps.

Check for soundness of engine bearers,  reinforce if necessary.
Make drip tray for engine.

Check lower attachment bracket to fwd bulkhead for steering rod lower bearing, and couplings on shaft to steering box for wear.

Install self acting engine room fire extinguisher.


Install sewage holding tank under engine.

Install calorifier aft of stbd fuel tank.

Install raw water intake filter to be more convenient for access.


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