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#1 Thu 29th Jan 2015 15:59:33

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Liftout - Positioning Strop to Avoid Bilge Keels

On Twotails I have put small SS screws on the top of the rubbing strake on both sides of the hull to show where to have the strop to avoid putting it where it might be fouling the bilge keels.  If the aft strop is kept close to the mark they also ensure it does not get positioned too far aft.

Measured from the STERN, they are at 2.75 & 5.95 m (Napoleon measure)


#2 Fri 27th Mar 2015 01:06:42

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Re: Liftout - Positioning Strop to Avoid Bilge Keels

Hi Phil if you were to be lifted out and were afloat you could beach her and temporary glue a solid wooden arch with a slot cut in it to protect the fin from lifting belt pressure. I assume you can not easily remove fin? Ronnie.


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