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#1 Sat 09th Sep 2017 21:38:45

Mark Barry-Jackson
Registered: Tue 22nd Aug 2017
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Is there a simple way to attach pictures to a post?


#2 Tue 12th Sep 2017 22:52:24

Marcus Hember
Registered: Wed 22nd Mar 2017
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Re: Pictures

Hi Mark,

I'd upload the photo to google photos or similar (or if you can host on your own web-server if practical) then reference the image with a tag. If you click on the "img tag: on" link below the message editing box here it gives a short explanation.

The problem with a google image is that it gives a very long url (address, it stands for 'uniform resource locator'). To get the url open an image by clicking on it then right click and select 'Copy Image address' - that is what you want, just the image not all the clever stuff google wraps it in.

If you want for convenience to shorten the URL you can use a service like which can shorten it for you. (eg, the long link for this picture becomes:

Hope that help - not entirely simple but it does work.  If you press 'preview' the system will load your message and you can check it all works before you post - I look forward to the pics!


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