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#1 Tue 25th Apr 2017 09:21:03

J Woodford
Registered: Fri 22nd Apr 2016
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Blocked Filters on EMRA

On a recent cruise to Chatham Marina, the Perkins 108 suddenly stopped on EMRA just as I was approaching the Lock gates...Will spare you all the adventures I had in securing the boat, but next day, moored on a pontoon close to the entrance to Chatham Marina...which in hindsight, I would advise any visitors not to use....The engine failure was found to be blocked filters, both primary and secondary...The Secondary Filter close to the lift pump is easy to replace, after aligning the top piece with O-ring onto the filter housing....But....the primary water-separator, is virtually impossible to put back together, after cleaning..Its position located on the cabin bulkhead and really low in the engine compartment, ensures that only a trained midget, or some pet monkey could ever relocate the retaining screw back into the filter housing...After I had dropped that particular screw into the bilges, it was just a question of by- passing it with a flexible hose, direct from tank into secondary filter, bleeding the injectors, and getting the PERKINS working again...I have now purchased an ADELPHI FILTER, and will relocate it , where I can change filter, and put it all back together again, without the aid of some monkey or midget...Has any other SEADOG OWNER, experienced similar problems with the primary filter, and relocated it to a more easy to get at position..?


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