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my 2016 survey.

Ive had Kittijay  for 16 years and have carried out regular mods and servicing throughout. If you don't fancy seeing my list of Do's, read no further.   I had new rigging when I bought her but used the original rigging screws.  Last year the insurance company (Bishop Skinner) insisted on a new survey. Fear and trepidation from me?  Anyway. You may (or may not) be interested in some of the fails.  Rigging screw. indeterminate age, (open bodied type) replace.. Its ok , there are only 14.  Rubber hose connection on my propshaft stuffing box.  Renew.  (all of these within 12 months of the survey). My Dog had a straight through shaft, I asked the yard engineer to do it having done most of the work myself in the past. result.  New Shorter shaft, flex coupling. Bobbin spacer, clamp on coupling, stuffing box, cutlass bearing, rubber tube.  Aaaaagh.  Bill? .Dont mention it. My lovely Rinnae gas water heater, condemned (not approved)  Scenario mentioned, if my other half or me were putting hairspray on, it could flash over!!!!  ( We always ensure we are properly coiffured before sailing  ..Better not do it near the cooker then.  A few bilge keel bolts to be removed and checked.  Seacocks recently changed. ok.    One cabin curtain very dangerous as too close to the woodburner flue.  Quite enough to be going on with. Martin . Kittijay.

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