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2017 Rallies plus Newsletters, Old and New

2017 Elstead Rally
We had a most enjoyable Rally , thanks to Olive's hard work!  There was good weather for those who fancied a brisk walk along the promenade.  On Sunday morning we had a most interesting talk from Paul Lees, of Crusader Sails, regarding the inspection and maintenance of rigging.  Thank you Paul.

Compendium of Newsletters
Phil Ricketts, of Soyakaze, has digitised all 33 Newsletters, 1975 to 2010, plus manuals , and many other matters related to using and maintaining a Seadog.  Thank you very much Phil!  This is available to you as a USB stick at the cost of £7 including postage.  If you are interested please let me know, with your full snailmail address.  Make a cheque payable to the Seadog Owners Association please.

2017 Rallies
It has been suggested we have two Rallies this year.  The first will be in Christchurch, on the 17th of June.
I should like to know if you are interested in having another rally in Cherbourg, on the 9th or 16th of September.  If so please let me know your preferred date.

Please put pen to paper, or stylus to your tablet, and let's have some input for a new Newsletter.  It doesn't have to be long, a few notes abouth the high, and low, points of a cruise, what happened when you anchor got fouled, or what you did when you got fishing gear round your propellor.  Has anyone put a holding tank?  Let's hear about it.  Some associated photos would help as well.

Here's to some good sailing in 2017!


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