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Wind Powered Generator

Has anyone mounted a wind powered generator at the top of the mizzen mast?  Is so, please let me know, I have a query from a new member.


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Re: Wind Powered Generator

When I started to feel an urge to take Michciko II on cruises of several days, without access to battery re-charging facilities, I decided I would have a wind turbine fitted. After some research, I chose a Rutland 513. Siting the turbine and its associated equipment was a major problem.

Most yachts seem to fit wind turbines on the aft rail, but I was reluctant to follow this lead because Michciko's aft rail already, in my opinion at the time, had enough fittings (davits, stern light, GPS antenna, life-buoy ....). The next feasible siting, it seemed to me, was somewhere up the mizzen mast. This would be close to the main battery switch, provide an easy cabling run and (theoretically) ready access by means of a short climb. As this kind of work was beyond my own capabilities, I called on an expert from the local boatyard.

After some discussion, we decided to put the turbine on a new strut about 40cm above the mizzen cross trees. This forced us however to re-position the mizzen fixing of the triatic stay. The latter was consequently extended with many metres of rope that pass through a block at the mizzen masthead. The design of the strut allows lines to pass up and down within it.

Shortly after the turbine was in place, I tried my hand at fitting ratlines up the port mizzen stays. Making the ratlines was fun; climbing them less so.

As recommended by the manufacturer, a regulator was also fitted close to the main battery switch.

After a few years experience, I have to admit that the benefit from the wind turbine is less than I had hoped for. The permanent presence of lengthy spare rope from the triatic stay in the cockpit is also a disadvantage. Nor was the spectacle of a large pensioner climbing ratlines above the lapping waves in a busy port ever far from my thoughts. Rather you than me!

Subsequently I have progressed to adapting Michciko II's electrical system to accept AC electricity when in port. This is commonly available in Finland. Thus the wind turbine has become pretty much redundant.

I plan shortly to submit a photograph of the mizzen fittings. Meranwhile, if anyone has questions, I am happy to answer.


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