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#1 Thu 10th Mar 2016 17:41:07

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Stern Gland Packing.

Does any one know what size packing for
11/4" shaft. Had engineer repack it looks like i will have to repack it.


#2 Tue 05th Apr 2016 12:02:50

From: Cowes
Registered: Mon 09th Mar 2015
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Re: Stern Gland Packing.

The size of the stern gland packing is 8mm. Be sure not to get the black graffite type as this may wear the shaft, go for the light PTFE type. This is available from ASAP supplies as is most parts for the Perkins 4107/8. When you have replaced the packing be sure to adjust the bolt tension so you get a drip every 20 to 30 seconds,  recheck often until packing is bedded in.

Hope this helps

Mike from Salia


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