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#1 Fri 18th Sep 2015 14:13:36

From: Cowes
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Hi all,
My wife Jan and I have just returned from our summer cruise on Salia to the West Country.  Salia behaved superbly,  F6 around the bill was handled like a 40 footer.
We must recommend a visit to Axemouth, although the entrance is a bit challenging once in its a wonderful spot. The members of the yacht club are very welcoming.
Much to our delight Axemouth is home to two Seadogs, our thanks to Bernard owner of "Waterdog" for a view of his dog and some sound advice to boot.
Anyway back to the point of this post, we concluded that our sails are a little past their best and it's time for some replacement.
The mizzen is shot and needs replacing, so any advise on who is recommended as a supplier would be much appreciated.  Has anyone fitted a sail from another vessel, do any types fit?
The main is not much  better and is a furling sail so it's shape is not good, I had originally planned to replace with a standard slab reefed main but I have grown to appreciate the benifits, or at least live with the conns of this system.
I look forward to hearing from anyone who has any advice on this.

Ps Would Weymouth be a good venue for a summer rally 2016, they are always very helpful with rallies and it's such a great spot?

Many thanks

Mike and Jan Salter Seadog Salia

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Hi.  Just a word of caution.  I think Salia is too early to have had the taller later mast fitted, but it would be as well to check! 
I note your comment regarding Weymouth and will discuss it during the Winter Rally at the Elstead Hotel to see what others think.
Rgds, John Lansdell.


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