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#1 Tue 20th Jan 2015 22:16:13

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Winter Cover

Dear All

Thanks to Graham for posting the pictures of 'Spinner's' winter cover. I thought you might be interested in it's design.

Since putting on in October it has kept her bone dry and funnels enough air through to keep her fresh below decks. It has been custom made and fits around the masts and rigging. It even has vents buit-in and a zip access 'door' over the cockpit. I don't have to disturb anything when I go aboard her.

The cover is made from very heavy duty PVC and is a struggle to lift on board and fit, but once there, does not move at all. You will see that I have covered the securing lines with PVC foam insulation and the eyelets have sponges lashed to them so that they do not mark the recently Awl Gripped topsides.

I had to but some supports underneath in certain places to prevent water gathering on the cover and this was achieved by borrowing a few timber shores from the boat yard and empty old plastic soap containers, mainly through trial and error.

I had a few repairs done two years ago by Bristol Sails and this has paid handsome dividends.



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