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Image of Seadog called Hound Dog

This website is dedicated to the remarkable motor-sailer the SeaDog. Of 140 Seadogs built between 1967 and 1974 almost all are still sailing and 126 owners are members of the owners association.

Forum and Gallery now open
You'll need to ask the secretary to create an account for you if you want to add stuff. Just drop him an email.

SeaDog Philosophy.
Perhaps it is something about the SeaDog that makes it attract some of the most sociable and helpful people you are ever likely to meet. This site is intended to help spread this philosophy and give access to information for SeaDog fans throughout the world. The Seadog Owners Association is now looked after by John Lansdell from his home near the River Hamble in the UK and on board their SeaDog 'TwoTails' (as in "as happy as a dog with").

Thinking of buying a SeaDog?
If you are interested in buying a SeaDog then you should contact us. Although much in demand and treasured by their owners they do become available and our Secretary maintains details of vessels that are or will shortly become available.

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